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Professional Profile: Recognizing Talent, Contribution, Development

In my time with Edusity, there is no one I have worked with more closely than Leonie. She’s become something of my assistant in my role with the EdTech company. I’ve been able to teach her to always have a second pair of eyes read everything. We catch each others typos. I’ve sent her off to conduct experiments with TikTok and taken her reports. My great fear, in writing a profile of her for the company blog, was that a recruiter searching for a social media manager might come steal her away.

With that risk, why go ahead with publishing the professional profile of a valued colleague? Mostly because their talents, contributions and professional development need recognition. No company, no product, no service or tech tool, is anything without the hard work and integrity of the workers who support it. Celebrating the achievements of team members is essential to morale and to creating trust in the wider industry and marketplace.