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Three Ways Newsletter Content is Different

Newsletters have always been a great way to keep in touch with clients and potential clients. I’m trying out the LinkedIn Newsletter pilot program with two brands I work with. I’ve directly translated my best practices from email newsletters to this social media opportunity and I’ve seen a pretty steady growth in organic subscriptions over the past month or so that I’ve been writing the weekly missives.

Here are three ways that newsletter content differs from blog posts and other kinds of social media:

  1. Newsletter content focuses on current events and opportunities in the field or industry. Newsletters aren’t the place for evergreen material, but more for “news you can use.” A newsletter’s value is in helping clients stay-up-to-date with new developments

2. Newsletter content is shorter. 250 to 350 words that headlines and summarizes the news item or announcement is enough. I like to keep the read time to 1-2 minutes at most. Brevity may prove to be even more important in social media than it is in email newsletters. While the appearance in the feed is more immediate for your social media newsletter, it has to work harder and be snappier to stop the scrolling.

3. Newsletter schedules must be reliable. A blog post can be added and shared any time. A weekly newsletter has to be posted on time. If you are offering clients value through content, your clients should be able to rely on receiving that value on time, every time.

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