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The Ease of the Explainer

A simple illustration of a young woman waving

Show don’t tell. It’s the first rule every writer learns and most misinterpret. There are many kinds of writing and, even in poetry, there is a place for exposition. The explainer is an easy piece of content to write and creating these articles is the first part of any knowledge translation effot..

Essentially, an explainer does 4 things:

  1. It illustrates a problem
  2. It shows context
  3. It explains research
  4. It outlines or proposes solutions

I wrote this explainer for two audiences, international students and their ESL teachers.

The 4-part model is not only applicable to teaching and learning space, or to other knowledge industry products and service areas. There is a place for this kind of writing — and for videos and illustrations to support it — when you communicate in every industry. with those who are not part of the business, but need what it has to offer.