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Melding Knowledge Translation with a Success Story

Did you know that Fuzzy Logic is an artificial intelligence tool? It’s used to help define parameters for machine operations in variable conditions, for example. Explaining how science and technology works in a way that is meaningful to most readers is called knowledge translation and it is one my favorite kinds of writing to do.

There is one problem with knowledge translation. A lot of people HATE to be taught and they are resistant to the usual tools. In my view, this large minority of people hate anything that reminds them of an educational experience. I don’t think their feelings are anti-intellectual, but they may be rooted in the school experience. The educational tone potentially reminds them of misused authority or pressure to conform from their school days.

So, content marketing writers like me get around that by embedding knowledge translation into another kind of content writing. I explain fuzzy logic, how it works and why it’s important in this success story about Xiera.