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White Papers: A Deep Dive

White papers are all about taking a deep dive into an intense topic and then reporting on the journey. In my experience, white papers are often inspired by the research required to compete a project under the most precise conditions possible. It’s an experience that demands knowledge sharing so that best practices can be replicated.

In my experience, clients plan to gather their expertise and create a white paper months or even years in advance of actually writing one….or more likely, having one written for them. The attention to detail required to write a white paper represents makes it too difficult for staff to complete while meeting their day-to-day responsibilities. That’s where I come in and get the task of compiling expertise and writing done.

If you scroll down the Mohawk MEDIC site, you’ll find a link to download Navigating Privacy and Consent: A guide for digital health start-ups. I repurposed the research paper the team published in a format that makes the information fully comprehensive and applicable to those creating healthcare apps for consumers.